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Letter: New Yorkers are tired of paying sky-high taxes

New Yorkers are tired of paying sky-high taxes

The current inability of Congress to revamp health insurance is inexcusable! As a retired citizen, I find it reprehensible that the government feels the need to tell us what we have to purchase for health insurance.

A perfect first step to solving this issue is to immediately designate all money paid for purchasing health insurance completely tax deductible. Why should anyone have to pay tax on the money? Workers do not pay tax on health insurance benefits or their portion of the premiums. So why should people who don’t have insurance as a benefit be expected to pay taxes on money used for health insurance premiums?

It would be nice if the media would stop portraying changes to the current system as removing people from the health insurance rolls. If they no longer carry the insurance, it was their choice to drop it, not something that was done to them.

As for the New York representation refusing to vote for changes because changes would require New York to bring some of its social programs in line with most states in this country, I say make the changes. New York taxpayers are tired of being highly taxed and a common destination for noncontributing citizens.

Laura M. McKenrick


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