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What They Said: Bills S Hyde, WR Jones & CB White

Safety Micah Hyde

Q: How do you feel like everyone is doing so far?

A: Pretty good, man. I feel like we’re improving every day. Obviously, we’re making a lot of mistakes but we’re learning from them. We’re not making the same mistakes twice, so that’s good.

Q: [Defensive Coordinator] Leslie [Frazier] talked about how you had been a leadership influence in the locker room, especially in the meeting room – a lot of young guys in the secondary. Is that something that you made it a point to take on when you came here?

A: For sure. I think one of the first conversations I had with Coach [Sean McDermott], he mentioned that and I know that’s what I bring to the table so I try to do the best that I can to get these young guys lined up, give them some knowledge on and off the field, and from there we can become a versatile group.

Q: Speaking of young guys, Tre’Davious White. What do you see from him so far?

A: Oh, Tre’s a beast, man. He’s good. He’s real good. He’s making plays on the ball, he’s all over the place. That guy’s going to be really good. I see plays from guys in the past [that are] spitting images of him. Sam Shields – I played with him in the past – he reminds me of Sam Shields and that’s a Pro Bowl player so Tre has a knack for football.

Q: What is it you see that he does like Sam Shields?

A: Just comes out of his breaks. [He] can run. If he gets put in a bad position, he’s able to get out of it with his speed and those are the really good corners.

Q: How much are you putting in every day, as far as the defense is concerned? Do you basically have the full defense and you’re just tweaking some things? Or are you adding more to it every day?

A: I think every day we’re going to add stuff to it. I think even when the regular season comes, we’re going to add more stuff to it. So every day, a lot more stuff is thrown on our plate and that’s what the studying and stuff [is] for. We’re staying in these dorms for a reason, so we can get this studying in. I’m trying to sleep at night and I can hear people playing music. Hopefully, they’re up studying and listening to music, so that’s good.

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Wide Receiver Zay Jones

Q: So the first four days are in the books. What’s been the biggest challenge for you?

A: Challenge? Just the new level, the higher level, obviously – faster speed of the game. Just trying to get everything together, but I have a good group around me [consisting] of coaches and players that are helping me along the way, so this process has been fun.

Q: What did you do over the break to help prepare yourself to hit the ground running here?

A: Just everything I possibly could, mentally, as far as studying the playbook and then conditioning – make sure my body’s ready to go, watch what I’m putting inside of my body as far as what I’m eating and drinking and things of that sort so I can be mentally and physically ready.

Q: Do you feel like you have a grasp on what they’re asking you to do out there so you can just focus on technique?

A: Anything they ask me to do, I’m going to be willing [to do]. Just trying to put the team first. We ultimately have a goal to win playoff games and win championships. My job is to come in here and help however I can. Whether it’s going to be on special teams or being a #3 receiver or a #2 receiver or cheering my guys on, that’s what I’m going to do.

Q: At the end of practice, we saw you kind of off to the back with Tre’Davious [White]. What were you guys working on?

A: We were just going through some certain scenarios – DB [vs.] receiver. Tre asks me sometimes, ‘What is a wide receiver thinking when he’s doing this?’ and then I’m kind of asking him, ‘Okay, how do you play this certain leverage?’ because my goal is – it’s not to beat Tre’Davious. My goal is to go out and compete on Sundays against other teams so Tre is helping prepare me and I’m helping prepare him for the ultimate goal.

Q: How has Sammy [Watkins] been in training you and teaching you these first couple of days?

A: Yeah, we’re getting closer. I just love to see the bonding relationship that we have between our wide receiver coach and all of the guys in the room. We truly care for each other. I can’t speak for any other place because this is the only place I’ve been, but here at Buffalo it’s truly family-oriented. We know more than just each other’s names. We want to know the background and where you come from and the struggles that you’ve had and things of that nature. When you get that camaraderie, that’s really how you begin to go out and play for each other.

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CB Tre'Davious White

Q: It’s been four days. Has your head stopped spinning yet?

A: Sort of. When camp starts up, everybody ramps up and everybody knows it’s football time. I just want to get up to speed and kind of ramp up like the guys are ramping up. I feel like these past four days I’ve been doing a pretty good job of just ramping up and just learning from my mistakes and continuing to do better.

Q: It looked to us, at least yesterday, that you had a couple times your first time out there that maybe that happened and then today you had a bounce back day. What about your assessment of kind of rebounding when those things happen?

A: Just day by day getting better and learning from my mistakes and not making the same mistake twice. I feel like if you do that, you’ll continue to improve and just continue to watch film and learn from the things. Everyday, just come out and put your best foot forward and just work hard.

Q: What kind of mentor has Micah Hyde been as you’ve tried to learn here?

A: I’m fortunate to have a lot of great grasp with him. He’s a guy who played a lot of different positions in Green Bay, so he’s sort of a guy that I can pretty much go to in any aspect of the defense, just from a nickel standpoint or a safety standpoint, knowing where my hip is and just knowing that that guy is going to be able to talk because [Micah Hyde] knows pretty much everything that’s going on on the field.

Q: What’s been the biggest challenge when you have a day, say like yesterday, and then you pick up from that and learn today? What are some of the difficulties?

A: Just knowing the position that I play. You’re going to have ups and downs and it’s all about how you respond and how you bounce back. I feel like my whole time of playing football, I’ve always been that type of player that when things don’t go my way to come out the next day or the next play, just have that short-term memory and put my best foot forward and just try to compete at a high level.

Q: This is really the first time you’ve had a chance to go against Sammy [Watkins] because he didn’t have all the workouts in OTAs and minicamp. What’s that like for you?

A: It’s getting me ready for Sundays. To have one of the best receivers to play the game in the NFL on my team, I’m able to go against him every day – it’s definitely a plus for me because he’ll pretty much get me ready for what any receiver is going to do on any given Sunday. That’s definitely a plus for me to have him to practice against every day so I’ll be ready when Sunday rolls around.

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