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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk’s office for the week ending May 19, 2017.

• 62 Minard St., Michael J. Codelia to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co -Tr; Ixis Real Estate Capital Trust, $169,937.
• 38 Outwater Drive, Joseph Bow; Joseph A. Bow to HSBC Bank USA NA, $150,498.
• 33 Beverly Ave., Christopher J. Scinta to Anne M. Lasota, $92,000.
• 62 Bacon St., Thomas J. Morse to Joseph P. Kearns, $63,600.
• 248 South St., Adam P. Morris to HSBC Bank USA NA, $62,865.
• 141 Chestnut St., Lynn Helen Mellas to Alf H. Walle III, $57,000.
• 57 Prentice St., Secretary of U S Department of Housing And Urban Devel to Kevin Klopfer, $20,000.
• 27 Adam St., Fannie Mae to Amber Price; Jacob Winnie, $19,200.
• 21 Allen St., Joyce A. Grimes; Lawrence D. Grimes to David Poole, $15,000.

• 5510 & 1070 Hartford Drive, Erica M. Conjerti; Stephen S. Conjerti; Erica M. Hammond to Mindi Doran; Nicholas Doran, $240,000.

• 19 Mechanic St., September L. Edwards; September Gould; September L. Gould to Fannie Mae, $138,447.
• 17 Orchard St., Sandra L. Ames; Sandra L. Gaskill to Lisa R. Sidor, $82,600.

• 2527 Merritt St., Kondaur Capital Corp -Tr; Matawin Ventures Trust to Jarrid R. Stover; Jennifer M. Stover, $134,000.

• 2160 Roberts Drive, Bayview Loan Servicing to Tahir Mahmood, $219,500.
• 918 93rd St., Ashley Godlewski; Jeffrey G. Godlewski to Frank J. Sillett III, $124,000.
• 4019 Mckoon Ave., Debra L. Chenaille to Mitchell J. Stessing, $105,000.
• 547 71st St., Lindsey Bax to Randy L. Smith, $88,000.
• 669 70th St., Fannie Mae to Robert P. Wardzala, $50,000.
• 501 74th St., Barbara Kuriscak to Anthony J. Vekich, $50,000.
• 826 Chilton Ave., Schuett Ira Jack; Horizon Trust Co -Cust to Choil Hayoim Trust, $42,175.
• 2459 Michigan Ave., Deutsch Bank National Trust Co -Tr/att; Ffmlt Trust /att; Specialized Loan Servicing -Att to Vmc Group, $32,911.
• 2422 Macenna Ave., Secretary of U S Department of Housing And Urban Devel to Nicholas Justin Cieri, $23,000.

• 114 Center Ave., Molar Development to Kristian N. Evingham; Adam Olka, $83,000.
• 881 & 883 & 887 Oliver St., Janet A. Wudyka; Leonard J. Wudyka to Nancy Joy Trower; Philip Trower, $82,000.
• 1326 Sisson Drive, Elfi G. Henry to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $70,182.
• 117 Dahlgren Place, Caliber Real Estate Services -Att; Lsf9 Master Participation Trust /att; US Bank Trust NA -Tr/att to Terry G. Schumacher, $70,000.
• 1188 East Robinson St., Kenneth D. Harack to Brenda Strauch-Mcginnis; Linda Strauch-Mcginnis, $33,000.

• 468 Northfield Drive, Bernard Rogers; Betty M. Rogers; Gary Rogers to Sean Astyk; Jenny L. Prisk, $104,900.

• 6734 Parkside Drive, Michael I. Gatas; Renee M. Gatas to Bank of New York Mellon -Tr; Cwalt Alternative Loan Trust, $431,289.

• 3163 West Lake Road, Kyle Kitchen; Melanie Kitchen to Robert Wagner, $133,000.

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