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Letter: Obama should be viewed as one of history’s greats

Obama should be viewed as one of history’s greats

I was so pleased when our country acted in concert to elect our first African-American president. I thought we had entered a new phase in the life of our country. Everything I saw and heard from former President Barack Obama told me that the innate wisdom of our people had once more fulfilled the promise of our great society. Articulate, wise, intelligent, caring, industrious and full of hope for our country. He was in the finest tradition of our history.

I was so naive to imagine that racism had taken a huge step into oblivion. Little did I know that at the very moment of his inauguration, the plotters were meeting and pledging to frustrate every initiative he would bring forth. I have no doubt in my mind that most of the antipathy that Obama faced had nothing to do with the legislative purity of his proposals. Instead it had everything to do with his color. In the minds of neoconservatives, it was utter audacity for him to think he could be president.

And so they worked their evil ways, attempting and often succeeding to stymie his agenda. And in their wake, they initiated a wave of hateful vilification. However, despite their worst efforts, he managed to craft an outstanding legislative record. Having come up the hard way, he knew the needs of the poor and the disadvantaged. He accomplished what at least five former presidents were not able to do. He provided health insurance for millions of Americans who had never been able to afford it. With some cooperation, it could have been a perfect law.

If you are among those who can see beyond his race, meditate on it and you will agree his equal will not be along soon.

Joseph Spina


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