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Letter: Elmwood Village variances go against the Green Code

Elmwood Village variances go against the Green Code

I have lived in the Elmwood Village for the past 44 years and was very active, many years ago, on the Elmwood Avenue moratorium committee. I am extremely disappointed about the corner of Elmwood and Forest avenues. Many people spent many hours working on the Green Code and now, so shortly afterwards, the Zoning Board of Appeals has approved two variances that go totally against the Green Code.

The building that is planned is 265 percent larger than the size that is recommended by the Green Code. The lot consolidation is 600 percent what is recommended by the Green Code. To me these are not variances, they are an outright disregard for the Green Code.

In speaking with the mayor last week he assured me that he is in favor of what the residents are in favor of and it is obvious that the residents of the village are not in favor of this. At the ZBA meeting 10 people spoke for, 18 against and a petition of 31 business owners against was presented.

Our councilmember, who is elected by the residents, is listening to people who do not live in the village and some who do not even live in his district, nor do they vote for him.

This will totally change the quality of life in this area of the village. The traffic and parking in this area will be changed and make it impossible for residents to use Elmwood or Forest to get to their homes. The homeowners on Penhurst, who have only recently become involved, have nothing to fear because they are the only street in the city (as far as I know) that has no parking allowed at any time.

This is a total disrespect of the residents by our elected and appointed officials and shows that money talks. Chason Affinity has bought off all the players other than those who live and work in the area.

I hope the Planning Board has more sense and does not follow along like little sheep.

Lynn Dodd


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