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Letter: Trump’s ‘successes’ do not add up to much, so far

Trump’s ‘successes’ do not add up to much, so far

I’m amazed at the energy of our new president. Why, within six months he’s already picked fights with heads of state (including some of our staunchest allies), governors, mayors, justices, both Democratic and Republican members of Congress who didn’t play ball with him, intelligence agencies, late-night talk show hosts and comics, TV and movie personalities, media reporters and journalists, union leaders, directors and attorney generals, even his own staff. The list goes on and on ad nauseam.

Despite these “distractions,” he’s still found time to repeal important safety and environmental standards that protect us, abdicate worldwide climate change leadership among almost 200 countries to China, completely bungle the “easy” changes he promised to make with health care (standing by while his congressional buddies worked to un-insure tens of millions of Americans, cut Medicaid and make it the “Unaffordable Care Act”).

He also found time to forget about his campaign promise to “lock up crooked Hillary,” dream up bogus wiretapping charges against our former president, mandate a committee to investigate the supposed voter fraud that cost him millions of votes, neglect to fill hundreds of government positions including director level, sidestep continually growing evidence regarding his circle’s “fascination” (most benign term I can use) with the Russians, defend questionable family business practices, dodge his campaign pledge to cut taxes on the middle class and increase them for the wealthy, etc.

Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if the other side had won back in November? How much more could have been accomplished. How much further this country would have been with real programs affecting all of us. How much more of this can we take?

Keith Williams

Grand Island

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