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Letter: Trump supporters must take Russian meddling seriously

Trump supporters must take Russian meddling seriously

Each side in our divided electorate seems to believe its point of view is supported by the facts and that the opposition only wants to deny, obscure or downplay the “real” issues. For instance, some of us regard the Russian attempts to influence the recent election as the leading issue today.

But many Trump supporters, though they may express concern over the Russian interference (or cling, like Trump, to the fiction that it never happened), somehow manage to balance this concern against their anger over the Clinton “scandals.” Former FBI Director James Comey’s and other government leaks of information, the media’s bias, Obama’s abuse of power, the political leanings of Robert Mueller commission members, etc.

There are those of us for whom the latter issues, while they may be legitimate, serve only as distractions from the crucial task at hand: Russia’s attempts to influence our recent election must be thoroughly investigated.

To Trump supporters: Believe it or not, there are those of us whose primary motive is not taking the Trump administration down but who nevertheless feel it is essential to our nation that the no-holds-barred investigation continue wherever it leads and without distraction, interference or prejudgment.

Dan Schroeder


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