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Letter: Schools should try other methods to honor students

Schools should try other methods to honor students

I wish schools would stop publishing the honor roll. It brings about unnecessary competition when the goal of learning should be about improving yourself.

Students who don’t make the honor roll feel stupid and depressed. The truth is some children are very intelligent and barely have to pick up a book to get A’s while others have to work three times as hard for a C-plus. As an educator I put more pride in those who work incredibly hard than those who are graced with ability to test well.

Furthermore, honor roll does not indicate intelligence all of the time, but how well one can test. There are pupils who will fail an exam but on that same topic give an outstanding presentation.

Our traditional school systems are long overdue for an overhaul, and one way to start is to stop posting the honor roll. Mail it to the child’s home and tell them to have some modesty and keep it to themselves and their kin.

Megan DePerro

East Aurora

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