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Letter: Financial disclosure reports only stiffen voter resolve

Financial disclosure reports only stiffen voter resolve

The recently published mayoral campaign financial disclosure reports don’t really contain any bombshells. The fact that the majority of Mayor Byron Brown’s contributions come from people living outside of the city limits and who have or are doing business with the city isn’t surprising – it’s just politics as usual. The amount received from city department heads and employees is disappointing, but not illegal.

I’m really dreading the ads, junk mail and robo calls telling me how great the city has become or who the political insiders want me to think made it that way. I can see with my own eyes how the city has changed over the last several years, and like many voters I’ve paid attention to where the resources and inspiration for the development has come from. I’ve also noticed some of the unnecessary administrative blunders and whole sections of the city ignored. Buffalo is still one of the poorest cities in the nation.

I would like to hear new ideas. I would like to hear from candidates who actually have the integrity to listen to the citizens so we can all participate in deciding how to move forward.

Larry McMahon


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