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3 questions with Marc Sacco

Marc Sacco is a familiar face on the Musicalfare stage, where he recently earned an Artie award for his portrayal of Che in last season’s “Evita.” Up next from Sacco is the world premiere of “Pretty Funny,” written by Buffalo natives Marisa Guida and Phil Farugia. It continues through Aug. 13 at Musicalfare. Sacco answered three random questions about his life in the theater.

Pretend you’re the artistic director of your very own theater company. What is your premiere production?

Definitely “Legally Blonde,” except Elle Woods would now be Elliott Woods, and I would play him. (Why run a theater company if you can’t have a vanity project?) It would be a huge production with lavish sets and costumes—I’m dreaming big here. My pretend star turn in my fictional theater company’s premiere production would have an imaginary endless budget.

Tell me about your favorite theater professor or teacher.

Dr. Sharon Watkinson at Niagara University was phenomenal. If you’ve ever met her you know what a spitfire she is. She made our theater history classes into an event. Watching her teach a class was like watching a great performance. She has a real love for the material and her energy and passion were front and center at all times. She very easily made what could have been very dry material into something that was fun and interesting and exciting to learn about.

 Which play or musical do you wish had a sequel?

“Evita,” but she dies at the end, so I’m not really sure how that would work. I guess it could pick up with more of (narrator) Che’s storyline and then, he dies at the end. In the second sequel, Che and Eva could reunite in the afterlife. Someone get Andrew Lloyd Webber on the phone!

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