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Letter: Leaders should take writer’s advice on canal’s bicentennial

Leaders should take writer’s advice on canal’s bicentennial

The July 14 letter calling for Buffalonians and City Fathers to make the most of the upcoming bicentennial in 2025 of the opening of the Erie Canal left me thinking: If our elected officials possessed even half the foresight and vision the letter writer has, Buffalo would have already been restored to its former greatness as the “Queen City.”

After reading the letter, I checked out the website he mentioned on which he fleshes out his ideas for Canalside in considerable detail and does so in an interesting, informative manner that made it very easy for me to make his vision my own.

If we are to capitalize on this significant historical occasion the time to start setting things in motion is now. As the writer points out, Lockport has already taken steps to ensure it will be prepared to take advantage of the opportunity here. Should we not do the same? Or do we, once again, want to be “that Buffalo,” the city that has dropped the ball (or sent it “wide right”) when presented with such glorious circumstances?

And if our elected officials lack the necessary vision, they can simply acquire some from the letter writer’s webpage at

Do what they can legislatively to allow these ideas to become reality and then get out of the way of those who know how to get such things done.

Richard P. Lunghino


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