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Tim Graham's Power Take: Capitol Hill is more accessible than a football league

What I learned from my summer trip to Washington D.C.: Covering the most powerful people in the world looks easier than covering the NFL.

When I arrived at the Capitol to report on Michael Caputo's July 14 hearing before the House Intelligence Committee, I filled out a basic questionnaire and was given my daily press pass.

I was told my credential allowed me almost anywhere inside the Capitol.

"See a sign that says 'Restricted Access'? You're allowed to go there. See a sign that says 'Staff Only'? You're allowed in there, too."

Oh, look. There's Adam Schiff, D-Calif., ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee. I could go introduce myself, strike up a chat and interview him for the record. And there's Mike Quigley, D-Ill. Same deal.

So many U.S. lawmakers, among the most influential and powerful people on Earth.

Back in the average NFL locker room, the starting quarterback is sitting in his locker stall.

"Sorry, sir. You may speak to him only Wednesdays and after games."

What about the offensive line coach?

"No way! Assistants are off limits without prior written approval, sir."

Can we get the commissioner to reconcile for us how the NFL's suspension system works?

Getting that interview request approved might take an act of Congress.

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