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NASA discovers 'Niagara Falls of Mars'

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter beamed pictures back to Earth last month showing an image that looks a lot like the waterfalls in the Cataract City.

But here's the difference: Instead of water, it's a flow of molten lava.

NASA named the image the "Niagara Falls of Mars."

The three-dimensional image taken from the orbiter's camera shows the rim of a crater about 18 miles in diameter on the Red Planet.

"The image shows that a lava flow coming from the north-northeast surrounded the crater rim, and rose to such levels that it breached the crater rim at four locations to produce spectacular multi-level lava falls," NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology reported. "These lava 'falls' cascaded down the wall and terraces of the crater to produce a quasi-circular flow deposit."

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