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Letter: Politicians should start putting public interest first

Politicians should start putting public interest first

The mystery to every American is health care. The Democrats want to keep Obamacare even though it’s imploding on its own. The Republicans want to repeal and replace it with God only knows what.

The fact of the matter is neither party can bring themselves to do much of anything. Fight, argue, lie, mislead, misconstrue the true facts is the mantra for the Congress of the day. They are not thinking of the people. If they were they would get together and do what is best, regardless of party affiliation.

Enable competitiveness across state lines. Secondly, take advantage of emergency rooms and hospital admission, it is available to everyone. That’s the law.

Next, introduce a flat tax to replace our current misguided income tax. Within that, create a surtax to cover medical assistance for the needy. Now the not-so-popular aspect. Hold a job if able and available. Drug testing would be mandatory.

The key to success is the flat tax. The big boys and their corporations would be paying their share. Don’t think for one minute our politicians don’t know this. They are part of the problem because they are either in bed with the corporations, or part-owners within the stock market. Everyone pays that flat tax. No exceptions.

Why don’t our elected officials take a bipartisan approach and use some down-to-earth common sense?

Eileen Neupert


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