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Letter: Gillibrand’s poor choice of words is a troubling sign

Gillibrand’s poor choice of words is a troubling sign

Whatever happened to civility? Do you really want to be represented by a politician who can’t even communicate her ideas without using the worst word in the English language? But for those who haven’t heard, that is exactly what Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand used when she recently spoke before a group of young people. And what makes it worse is that it “wasn’t” a slip of the tongue, as she laughed about it afterwards! Apparently her mother never washed out her mouth with soap when she was young and used language unbecoming a lady, much less a United States senator.

Political parties aside, there is no place for that kind of language. What kind of message does that send out to those young minds who had listened to the senator’s speech and heard her use the most vile of words? I know I had a tough time trying to explain her conduct to my teenage niece. Gillibrand needs to be censured by the Senate, and her conduct reviewed by every voter come next election. I, for one, am very ashamed that she is representing our state and our community!

Bill Mayback

West Seneca

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