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Bucky Gleason's Power Take: O.J. Simpson is nothing more than a convicted felon

In this business, decisions are made every day about what and how certain events should be covered. Some are more obvious than others, but editors, reporters and columnists constantly make judgment calls. An interesting dilemma stood before me last week when O.J. Simpson was granted parole.

People have been fascinated by Simpson since he was charged, and later acquitted, of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman in 1994. He had a Hall of Fame career with the Bills. He was an international celebrity who made headlines, which sells newspapers and generates clicks.

My job is providing opinions and perspective about sports, not working for the sales department. I decided that Simpson didn't warrant a full column. I never understood the obsession with him, had little to add and would rather not contribute to the overabundance of attention paid to him.

Simpson is a narcissistic former football star, actor and con man was found innocent of two murders and later convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping. He's a felon who did his time. That's my two cents. He's not worth a penny more. Ironically, in my attempt to minimize him,  he still made the headline.


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