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Another Voice: Experts should design health care system

By Kean W. Stimm

Does anyone truly believe that bureaucrat politicians can actually design a health care system? They are totally unqualified. They are about as qualified as if you and I were to try to be Olympic athletes or concert pianists. This is not their area of expertise.

Our nation is very aware that our current health care system has become the perfect example of bureaucratic bungling. Few have not experienced the frustration, irritation and outrage from trying to quickly and economically cure even a simple medical problem. Furthermore, our doctors are acutely aware of the administrative costs imposed by state and federal government. The current system is terribly expensive, cumbersome and not performing as originally hoped.

Few people are aware of the excessive national cost of the health care industry – now over $3 trillion a year. This gains perspective when one compares the total earnings of our 125 million working-age adults at $6 trillion. Fifty percent of our total earnings goes to the medical industry; 15 percent would be more reasonable and comparable to other nations with better health.

The United States simply cannot afford $3 trillion a year for health care. Our total income taxes for both individuals and corporations is $1.6 trillion, per the National Debt Clock, that also says the federal deficit by GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) rules was $5.6 trillion.

The health care industry itself needs to design our national system in conjunction with highly experienced and proven successful business consultants. Get government and the insurance industry out of the system – who needs them? The current systems are skewed to the healthy and wealthy, and biased against those with lower incomes often because they are not healthy. We need to assure that every legal citizen of our nation can afford instant health care without a lot of bureaucratic red tape and insurance company denials.

When Obamacare was initiated, many wise and experienced heads of national clinics and business experts made recommendations, but they were ignored. One concept should be given careful consideration: Put all doctors on salary the way the rest of industry operates. Each doctor sets his own co-pay and the co-pay becomes the control. We can name the new system “Medipro.” The rules and concepts would be established by professionals instead of bureaucrats and politicians.

Incentives need to be built in; the healthier people are, the less medicine and surgeries would be required. Thus, less hospital usage. Available funds would increase for paying doctor salaries. Doctors would have more time to devote to their patients.

Medipro groups would exist in geographical areas and be managed by the doctors themselves. Government contributes 15 percent from the national budget. Patients pay only the co-pay.

Kean W. Stimm is a scientist engineer and CEO of Kean Wind Turbines Inc.

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