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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk’s office for the week ending April 21, 2017.

• 5172 Upper Mountain Road, Joseph P. Cacciatore to Lsf8 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA -Tr, $365,849.
• 3251 Ridge Road, Joan L. Maulis to Jennifer E. Hilwig; Kenneth P. Hilwig, $120,000.

• 277 South Niagara St., Eric J. Gailie to Option One Mortgage Loan Trust; Wells Fargo Bank National Assoc -Tr, $105,908.
• 16 Park Place, Sharon R. Lilley to Ameriquest Mortgage Securities; Deutsche Bank National Trust Co -Tr, $68,321.
• 487 Hawley St., Michael J. Butterman to Arcane Properties Group, $50,000.

• 5822 South Transit Road, Tlc West to Ab Lockport NY Landlord, $3,000,763.
• 7001 Academy Lane, Candice Stejbach; Scott Stejbach; Scott Stejback; Candice Stephens to Jenna Rode; Jonathan Rode, $124,000.
• 5822 South Transit Road, Tlc West to William J. Collins, $11,500.

• 21 Church St., Rmac Trust; Rushmore Loan Management Services -Att; US Bank National Assoc -Tr/att to Geoffrey L. Whittier; Joan H. Whittier, $25,100.
• 39 Church St., Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust; Nationstar Mortgage -Att; Wells Fargo Bank National Assoc -Tr/att to Tracy Getman, $16,500.

• 2620 Howard St., Thomas P. Balk to Jessica L. Davis; Eric P. Freischlag; Justin L. Mccourt, $134,000.

• 1789 Welch Ave., Deborah A. Laderer to Fannie Mae, $91,857.
• 152 73rd St., Melba Jean Stonebraker to Arm Recovery Trust, $75,706.
• 3210 Jerauld Ave., Jean Cieslik; Mary Ann Hillman to Joan Hamner; Mary Ann Hillman; Ann Marie Mostacci, $73,000.
• 5695 Devlin Ave., Denise D. Burns; Terrance Burns to Lsf9 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA -Tr, $56,154.
• 3210 Jerauld Ave., Joan Hamner; Anna Pakuszewska; Anna Pakuszewski to Jean Cieslik, $36,500.
• 1294 87th St., Leonard C. Sisler to Milhap Capital Group, $34,801.
• 3210 Jerauld Ave., Joan Hamner; Ann Marie Mostacci to Mary Ann Hillman, $32,444.
• 3006 Hyde Park Boulevard, Joan Hamner; Anna Pakuszewska; Anna Pakuszewski to Jean Cieslik, $10,100.

• 215 Bryant St., John A. Cerra; Victoria E. Cerra to Karl J. Steblein Jr.; Susan E. Steblein, $159,900.
• 1405 Weaver Parkway, Stephanie Cline to HSBC Bank USA NA, $130,445.
• 308 Zimmerman St., Anna C. Alessandra; Anna Catherine Alessandra; Mark Alessandra; Mark J. Alessandra to M & T Bank, $115,528.
• 98 South Meadow Drive, Chester F. Kopczynski; Joseph A. Kopczynski to Timothy J. Hanavan, $103,100.
• 148 Roncroff Drive, Fannie Mae to Christopher Bellacose, $61,244.
• 58 Falconer St., Linda Sommers; Linda A. Sommers to Citizens Bank NA, $56,705.
• 396 Robinson St., HUD to Edward Acosta; Renee C. Acosta, $53,000.
• 188 Fredericka St., Carole A. Carbone to Ali F. Khudair, $27,101.
• 35 Stenzil St., Susan M. Sprague to Bmg Property Holdings; Milhap Capital Group, $17,251.

• 3604 Creek Road, Marsha A. Scully; William S. Scully to Ashley Scott; Kyle Scott, $63,762.
• 3309 East Ave., Victor Szarejko to Barbara J. Boese, $37,000.

• 8591 Ernest Road, Daniel R. Orr to Fannie Mae, $276,346.
• 4461 Central Ave., Keybank National Assoc to Duane Baker, $63,000.

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