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'Big Brother' blog: Cody returns while Mark draws attention

One of the guiltiest of summer TV's guilty pleasures is the latest season of "Big Brother" on CBS. The show, in which a group of strangers live together in a home under constant surveillance and compete with each other for a chance to win $500,000, has a local twist this year: Mark Jansen of Grand Island is one of the houseguests. This blog will keep readers up to date periodically throughout the summer and track Jansen's prospects for the big payday.

The upshot: After Alex won the Head of Household competition giving her power for the week, she secretly began working with veteran player, Paul. After discussing who should be sent home that would help their game the most, Alex decided to put Jessica and Dominique on the block to be voted out of the house.

After the "Power of Veto" competition was played where one player in jeopardy to go home could be taken off the block and given safety for the week, houseguest Jason was picked to play in the competition and came out with a win.

After discussing his decision to either save Dominique or Jessica or keep nominations the same, he chose to leave the two on the block which ensured one of them would go home Thursday night.

Thursday was the final night of the Den of Temptation, where one houseguest is voted by viewers to receive a temptation that can help them in the game. While Jessica sat on the block with the chance to go home, she was both shocked and relieved to receive the final temptation.

Jessica is given a temptation called the "halting hex," which allows her to stop any live eviction from happening if her game or the game of one of her allies is in danger. If used, there is an unstated consequence that will change the course of the game.

Jessica accepted this temptation and despite sitting in the hot seat with a chance to go home, she chose to not use the halting hex. Her gamble paid off as Dominique became the fourth houseguest to leave the Big Brother house

In a surprising twist for all of the houseguests, the first four to leave the Big Brother house (Cameron, Gillian, Cody and Dominique) were given the opportunity to battle their way back into the house and be given a second life.

After working to solve a maze using a pulley system followed by a competition where a catapult is used to launch balls towards a wall to knock over 10 blocks, Cody came out victorious.

When the twist was revealed to the houseguests inside the house, they were all asked to choose one of their teammates to vote to battle against Cody for the final round. Paul was chosen by the house.

In the last competition, the two competed in the maze challenge again, but with a new puzzle. If Paul won, Cody loses the chance to enter the house but if Cody won, he is officially back in the Big Brother house.

In a close face-off, Cody ends up victorious and is reunited with his girlfriend Jessica and is back in the game.

'Big Brother' blog: The Cody seesaw, plus toads

Mark Watch: This was the first week in the Big Brother House where it appeared that Mark’s game and safety in the house was in jeopardy. Before Cody was kicked out of the house, he worked to plant seeds to his housemates that Mark and his close ally Dominique weren’t playing a loyal game.

After Mark was informed that Dominique was going on the block with the intent of kicking her out of the game, and they needed Mark to vote her out, he was torn and visibly emotional about deciding what to do.

On Thursday night, the night of eviction, Mark inadvertently put more attention on himself by playing an innocent game of pool with his housemate Josh. After making a friendly bet that the loser had to drink a mixture of condiments, the two began arguing that Josh had cheated and did not actually win.

Out of frustration and asking Josh “as a man, did you beat me?” and not being satisfied with Josh’s answer “yes,” Mark threw the cup of hot sauce at Josh, which left him fuming.

Josh made it very clear to Mark and the rest of the players in the house that he has lost all respect for Mark and has no plan to let this go or move forward playing as allies. When the week wrapped up, Mark avoided eviction and, against his previous words, did in fact vote to evict his friend Dominique from the house. Mark also made it clear that he is torn about having Cody, his previous ally back in the game.

What’s next: On Sunday night we will learn who is crowned as the Head of Household for the week who will hold all of the power and work to vote out the next houseguest from the game. At this point, to ensure Mark’s safety and the chance to stay in this game, he should be fighting harder than he has had to thus far to earn that chance and have power in the house next week.

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