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Letter: Trump supporters are being unrealistic about results

Trump supporters are being unrealistic about results

Donald Trump supporters need to stop blaming the press/media and his critics for the president’s problems. They need to look at the man himself. Trump entered the presidency completely unprepared for the job.

He had and still has no idea what it takes or means to be president of the United States. It appears he has little knowledge of American history or civics.

He thinks because he is president he can demand loyalty of people whose loyalty is only to the American people. He thinks he can control the press and his critics. Perhaps that is why he admires Vladimir Putin so much, since in Russia Putin can do these things freely.

Trump is completely unsuited to be president. I was willing to give him a chance but nothing has changed. He is still a thin-skinned, name-calling individual. There is nothing presidential about him. He has filled the White House and his cabinet with many unqualified and questionable appointees. He makes up his own alternate reality to explain what he says. He has abandoned our place in the world.

People who thought he could run a nation just because he ran a business have been proven wrong. He has not made a deal yet. Our government is not a private business, and he is not the owner. Our government exists to protect our citizens and provide services.

He denigrates our intelligence services, praises the Russian leader, has abandoned the health of our planet and has little if any knowledge of our Constitution, to name a few powerful examples of his unsuitability to lead our nation.

He ran on the slogan “Make America great again.” The thing is, America already was great. Yet when he is through we will need a new president to make America great again.

Kathleen Schmitt


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