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Letter: Reed’s puzzling response raises important questions

Reed’s puzzling response raises important questions

At last Saturday’s Town Hall meeting with U.S. Rep. Tom Reed in Belfast, I asked the following question as one of his constituents: “Is it true that your law firm has profited from bringing legal action against individuals who have incurred significant debt due to unpaid medical expenses?”

His response to the questioner was, “You can go ahead and attack my wife’s business if you want to.” This was puzzling in that there was no reference to his wife. The question was clarified with “No, sir, your law firm.” To which Mr. Reed replied: “Our law firm does a lot of things.” He also said the question was “offensive.” Why?

If Rep. Reed has chosen to enrich himself in the past by going after unfortunate individuals who have incurred serious medical debt, often from expenses related to pre-existing conditions, it was certainly his perfect right to do so.

If true, however, it does make his statements about “wanting to do what’s right for all his constituents” sound somewhat disingenuous and even offensive. Ironically, it may explain why he so adamantly supports health care legislation that is predicted to cause anywhere from 10,000 to 70,000 of his constituents to lose their health insurance.

Loss of insurance results in more medical debt, which results in more lucrative business for the family law firm?

Rob Walk


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