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Letter: Paster offers ‘old age’ advice with no real-life experience

Paster offers ‘old age’ advice with no real-life experience

I read Dr. Zorba Paster’s July 15 column, “It’s time to revise concept of ‘old age,’ ” with great interest as I am 85 years old, nearing 86. I am always interested in reading ideas about being old written usually by someone who has not experienced it but for some reason believes that he/she understands this unique time of life.

J.B., the other person mentioned in this article, who was terrified of becoming old, was equally uninformed regarding this period of life – which most people will not experience.

For me old age began when I reached 80 years old as I began to lose some physical capabilities. My mind still functions reasonably well, as do my senses. I have aches and pains and my balance needs help. I exercise regularly but less than I used to, still it hurts to be old and at times I use a cane.

Being old is not a walk in the park (well, maybe with a cane) as Dr. Paster indicated. I am sure when he enters his 80s (if he is lucky) he will write about this experience in a less-optimistic way.

Dr. Russell Burton


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