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Letter: McCain demonstrates why Americans need health care

McCain demonstrates why Americans need health care

Doesn’t it seem a little ironic that a 80-year-old senator out sick held up a health care vote that would have slashed Medicaid by billions?

Sen. John McCain is a decorated Vietnam War veteran, few and far between in Congress, and a senior citizen with the best health care on the planet who will have no hospital bill from his recent surgery.

Those affected the most by said Republican health care plan would have been the sick, elderly on Medicaid and veterans. And the one Republican they needed is a sick elderly veteran eligible for Medicaid.

Sen. John McCain is a man who I have all the respect in the world for, as both as a Vietnam vet and a person. I am also a Vietnam veteran nearing 70 and in good health. But I surely don’t want to see Medicaid slashed by hundreds of millions in the near future. And I don’t know what the future holds for me. I want a great health care plan, Medicaid and a zero balance after any hospital visit.

Living in America, still one of the richest places on the planet with one of the most advanced in technology and health care, and yet our representatives still can’t agree on a health care bill. It’s very simple: all health care should be free as it is for our representatives in Congress.

Now get to work and pass free health care for all United States citizens. And figure out a way to pay for it.

Phil Ryan

West Seneca

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