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Letter: Legislature should revisit a new vehicle noise statute

Legislature should revisit a new vehicle noise statute

Many years ago a law was passed making “unreasonable noise” from motorcycles and souped-up sports cars a violation of the New York State traffic laws. It was later declared unconstitutional because the standard “unreasonable noise” was too indefinite and uncertain.

Today, with all the advancements since then in the tech industry, it’s time for the New York State Legislature to pass a statute with a decibel threshold beyond which there would be a violation of our traffic laws. You would have to equip the police departments with decibel meters to be able to enforce the law, but it would be money well spent to improve the quality of life in our community.

Some cyclists and sports car drivers are considerate but many more are not. In talking to some, they agree with me.

As I sit on my upper awning porch on Amherst and Elmwood, while a very pleasant experience, the noise from cycles and sports cars can be deafening. They’re like babies with a rattle.

Let’s not be like New York City, the city that doesn’t sleep.

Richard D. Grisanti


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