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Letter: Hamburg sports complex proposal is still a puzzle

Hamburg sports complex proposal is still a puzzle

It is incumbent upon us to hold our leaders accountable for decisions that impact our community. For example, the $30 million proposed sports complex to be built in the Town of Hamburg. This project still has numerous unanswered questions and is being decided by the Town Council without any kind of public referendum.

According to reports, Sportstar Capital of Toronto will put up the $30 million to build the 200,000-square-foot facility and a $500,000 contingency fund to cover any losses for the first few years. However, once that money is gone, the town needs to fund any operational losses. The town has yet to answer questions about how those losses would be funded.

In addition, the Kaleta Group has proposed building a similar 186,000-square-foot facility on McKinley Parkway at no cost to the town. So is it feasible to have two facilities, especially since one may cost the town money? Again, more questions that need to be addressed during a public referendum.

I believe these types of decisions cannot be made behind closed doors. I think we can all agree that progress is essential to the success of our community. If we are given the opportunity to weigh in on the discussion, we will benefit from knowing we armed ourselves with the facts to either support or reject the project, and we held our leaders accountable. We have a voice. Let’s use it.

Cheryl Potter-Juda

Endorsed Democrat Candidate

Hamburg Town Council

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