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Letter: Drivers are moving too fast and furious for road safety

Drivers are moving too fast and furious for road safety

Heads up out there. We have “fast and furious” on our roads.

I’ll stipulate up front that everyone believes that they are excellent drivers. Having said that, it’s getting more dangerous out there on the roads. Between the low gas prices, coffee drinking, doughnut eating and the ever-present cellphones, not much time is being spent on the safe driving part. God help you if you’re doing 5 miles per hour above the speed limit and staying to your right. You’re gonna get teens, old folks, the middle aged, men and women all zooming past you or at the least tailgating you.

Never mind if you’re on the Thruway at the daily slowdown spot near the Kensington Expressway. No one slows down until they’re practically on top of the brake-lighted stopped cars.

I have to laugh at times that the people speeding past me to pull into church or the local coffee chain hotspot. Must be very important to get saved or get the last coffee available there before the other guy does. And don’t expect a heads-up from a driver pulling in front of you and actually using his turn signal.

In a perfect world, my guess is you’d see a driver pulled over by law enforcement every half mile or so for one violation or another. There would be so much fine revenue that our property taxes would drop. Just wonder if the driverless cars being developed now will ultimately make the roads safer. There’s always hope, I guess.

Lou Speranza

Orchard Park

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