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Letter: Americans should know whether Russia interfered

Americans should know whether Russia interfered

Many Trump supporters shrug their shoulders when confronted with evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians to undermine Hillary Clinton in the last election. They say: “So what? The information was real. It was the truth. Where’s the harm? No law was broken.”

Leaving aside the legality, here’s the problem:

Imagine that instead of shopping for a candidate for whom to vote, you were instead shopping for a used car. At the end of your search there are only two cars left from which to choose. Would anyone ever say to the salesman: “I want to know everything negative about this car on the left, but don’t tell me anything negative about the car on the right; I don’t want to know about that.”

No, no one would ever tell the salesman that.

But what if the salesman did that anyway? How would you react if, after buying the car, you realized the salesman hid everything negative about the car he wanted you to buy, saying only positive things about it while at the same time the salesman recited only negative things and nothing positive about that other car, the one he didn’t want you to buy? If you had proof that this is what happened, you’d feel swindled. And you’d be justified.

That’s the problem with a foreign government (a hostile government, no less) taking sides in our elections. That’s the problem with politicians colluding with foreign governments to smear their opponents.

Russia had no interest whatsoever in being an honest salesman. They had a very clear favorite. Russia slung only dirt on Hillary and only praise on Trump. You, Trump voters, were being played.

Robert F. Biniszkiewicz


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