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Ch. 2's Jonah Javad responds to criticism of his Gilmore piece

My ears were burning during Channel 2 sports anchor Jonah Javad's commentary on the 6 p.m. Wednesday newscast.

He didn't mention my name, but he seemed to be responding to my view that he overreacted to a harmless tweet by former Buffalo Bill cornerback Stephon Gilmore about "finally" getting more TV time now that he is a New England Patriot.

After showing a shorter version of the Gilmore lowlights of being torched for a touchdown and missing a tackle, Javad made several points I raised in a Wednesday blog criticizing his longer Monday take on Gilmore.

He conceded that he was engaging in "snarky trash talk," noted that Gilmore is an All-Pro and added if Patriots Coach Bill Belichick "wants you on his team, doesn't it say it all?" He said the word "finally" in Gilmore's tweet was what set him off because it was unnecessary.

He added that he was standing up for Bills fans, which was close to what I wrote in this sentence about his hot take: "It was amusing, especially to the large anti-Gilmore crowd who felt he never lived up to his expectations as a No. 1 draft choice."

Javad concluded his sort of defense by saying, "Sports are fun, right? Can we have fun? Is that all right?"

Yeah, sure.

The Twitter criticism I received from readers calling me an "idiot" and a "dinosaur" said I hate fun. No, I just hate cheap shots and pandering to super-sensitive Bills fans who react to every perceived slight.

Finally, I wouldn't have had as much a problem with Javad's initial story if he had noted most of the things he said in his Wednesday follow-up.

Jonah Javad's 'hot' Gilmore take was an over-reaction

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