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New Yorkers still view Trump negatively, but he does better than Putin

New Yorkers continue to have an unfavorable view of President Trump, according to a new Siena College poll.

But they think even less of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin's numbers were "abysmal," according to Siena pollsters, though not as low as Eliot Spitzer, immediately after he resigned as governor  in 2008.

Here are the numbers from the Siena polls:

  • Spitzer: Viewed unfavorably by 79 percent of New York voters, the lowest-ever rating in a Siena poll.
  • Putin: 73 percent unfavorable in most recent poll.
  • Trump: 62 percent unfavorable in most recent poll.

New Yorkers' unfavorable attitudes toward Trump reflect on his overall job performance and specifically how he handled the G-20 summit and his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Almost two-thirds of New Yorkers said they are concerned about Russia's attempt to sway last year's presidential election, a figure down slightly from the results in May. A majority of those surveyed support a thorough investigation into Russian meddling, though the 56 percent who said they support it is down from 68 percent who gave that response in May. Forty-one percent of New Yorkers say the Russian issue has been investigated enough, according to the poll.

On the health care front, 65 percent of registered voters said they preferred to keep and improve the Affordable Care Act, rather than to repeal and replace it as Republicans have proposed.

Here are some highlights of the latest Siena poll results:

  • 62 percent of those surveyed said they view the president unfavorably, while 34 percent said they had a favorable view of him. In May, pollsters found a 65 percent unfavorable rating and 30 percent favorable.
  • 30 percent gave Trump a positive job performance rating, while 68 percent rated him negatively. Trump did better than what pollsters found in May, when the rating was 27 percent positive and 71 percent negative.
  • 52 percent said Trump is doing a "poor" job as president.
  • For how he handled the G-20 summit in Germany earlier this month, 31 percent of those surveyed gave Trump a positive rating, while 63 percent levied a negative view.
  • For his work with European allies at the summit, 29 percent gave the president a positive rating while 65 percent responded unfavorably, according to the Siena College poll.

The phone survey of registered voters was conducted July 9 to July 13 and has an overall margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

So even though his numbers improved slightly, the difference is within the margin of error.

"Although President Trump remains largely unpopular with his fellow New Yorkers, both his favorability and job performance ratings ticked up since May," Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said in a written statement Thursday. "While Democrats and Republicans appear to be locked in – 83 percent of Democrats view Trump unfavorably and 71 percent of Republicans view him favorably – independent voters are more fluid in their views of the President. While 57 percent of independents currently have an unfavorable view of Trump, that’s down from 71 percent in May."



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