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Niagara Street gets 'Tesla Heritage Corridor' designation

Nicola Tesla's theory on alternating current electricity helped harness the hydroelectric power of Niagara Falls for the 1901 Pan-American Exposition.

His theory and design demonstrated that alternating current was superior to Thomas Edison's direct current, or DC, system, making it the more stable and practical way to harness electrical power.

And that is why the Common Council has designated Niagara Street from Vulcan Street to Busti Avenue as the "Tesla Heritage Corridor." That is the path that hydroelectricity took from the Adam's Station in Niagara Falls to Terminal A on Niagara Street for the Pan-American Exposition.

"We have been trying to look at our historic roots in historic Black Rock and Riverside, and the Tesla corridor plays right into that," said Council Member Joseph Golombek Jr., who sponsored the designation with David A. Rivera.


Signs will go up to mark the new designation.

"Buffalo celebrates the War of 1812, but the war of currents is more impactful on the world order, where the war of currents here in Buffalo won out for AC power over DC power," said Bill Zimmermann, owner of the Terminal A building.



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