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Letter: Medicaid problem grows while no leader solves it

Medicaid problem grows while no leader solves it

The number of Americans on Medicaid has increased from 29 million in 1990 to 73 million today. Yet the population only increased 30 percent in that time. Spending on Medicaid is $574 billion today compared to $209 billion in 2000.

Medicaid was meant to be a safeguard for people in need, but obviously things have gone astray. It was a program of good intentions but it also has subsidized and encouraged not working. As of 2013, the Census Bureau survey noted that 21 percent of all civilian men between 25 and 55 years old were Medicaid beneficiaries.

Now about half of all women who give birth in the United States are on Medicaid.

With the start of Obamacare, New York State enrollment in Medicaid went up by a third, to 6.3 million.

There needs to be legislation to control the Medicaid problem. Suggestions have been made for states to receive a block grant or a fixed amount per Medicaid enrollee. Efficiency should be rewarded. Why is Florida approximately one-half of what New York spends per Medicaid recipient?

The program is getting to the point where it will implode.

John Orlowski


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