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Letter: Democrats should rethink attack on Trump and Russia

Democrats should rethink attack on Trump and Russia

Russia, Russia, Russia. They did this, they did that! Impeach him! He’s not fit for office! He’s this and he’s that. The left has been after him about this for how long now? OK, where’s the evidence? Oh, before I go to evidence, Clinton’s 3 million vote lead? Half of it came from New York City, at roughly 1,969,920 to 461,000 or so. The rest came mostly from Los Angeles.

But let’s get back to evidence: This list will be long so bear with me: Perjury, testifying under oath that she did not send classified information. Obstruction of justice, smashing a cellphone to pieces to obstruct justice. Both real and factual. A meeting with Bill Clinton and the attorney general on the tarmac of an airport? Oh come on, they were just catching up on family stuff. The AG telling former FBI chief James Comey to call the investigation a “matter”? Again, that’s not overstepping anything.

Clinton’s involvement in the Russians, yes the Russians, as in Putin, receiving 20 percent of the USA’s uranium and just like that, a large donation shows up in the Clinton Foundation coffers. Comey, testifying under oath, that he sent classified information to a buddy so it could be leaked to the media? And lastly, the Democratic National Committee working with the Ukraine to get actual information about the GOP. If one did the Ben Franklin test, that is, drawing a line down the middle of a piece of paper and listing offenses, actual documented offenses, documented being the operative word, one side of the paper would be a ghost town. The other? A laundry list of offenses that should see at least two people incarcerated.

So where’s the media uproar? Why isn’t Comey being investigated? Oh, that’s right, the left is free to do whatever they want. Keep it up, because if you do, you’ll see more red than ever in the next election.

Bruce Cranston

North Tonawanda

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