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Letter: Trump will run the country aground like his businesses

Trump will run the country aground like his businesses

I read with interest every day the various opinion and op-ed pieces regarding Donald Trump. I won’t call him president because as a veteran I can’t bring myself to stomach the thought that our country is being run by a small-minded bigoted anti-American.

As one who is proud to be an American and veteran I can’t believe our armed forces have to take up the fight to defend our country based on this guy’s understanding of world affairs; clearly he has none and doesn’t seem to want to learn what America has stood for all these years.

No one seems to understand that he comes from an environment that thrives on chaos and lies and misdirection. Take his management, if you want to call it that, of his Trump companies. God forbid we allow him to bankrupt our government as he did his own businesses.

I am hopeful Congress will impeach him.

Ken Miller

Orchard Park

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