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Letter: Ringing bells do not annoy those waiting for their call

Ringing bells do not annoy those waiting for their call

Living in the City of Lackawanna for 52 years, I thought I had seen it all or heard it all about this city. However, the July 12 letter to the editor, “Little peace and quiet would be appreciated,” really beats them all!

To some who read it, it appears that the writer is totally self-centered and thinks of nothing but himself and his comfort. There are noise ordinances within the city from which bells ringing from churches, synagogues or other houses of worship are exempt.

For the writer to complain about the ringing of Our Lady of Victory’s bells insults a lot of people who are Catholic. They know that the bells ring not only to tell time, but to also call us to prayer at certain times of the day. Think about those who with aging are losing their hearing (if you can bring yourself to do that). To them, the bells are a blessing for they can still hear them ringing! I love those bells and hope and pray they will never be silenced. Keep them ringing!

My suggestion to the writer is that he get ear plugs or ear muffs to block out the noise that bothers him so much. If that fails, perhaps he can find a secluded island where he would be content with the silence he so craves.

Diane Kozak


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