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Jonah Javad's 'hot' Gilmore take was an over-reaction

Jonah Javad got some national attention this week after he over-reacted Monday to a harmless tweet by former Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore, who now is a member of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

Channel 2 sportscaster Heather Prusak delivered some self-congratulations for the station Tuesday, noting how many likes and retweets Javad's story received. Javad wasn't alone in delivering some snark, something he is quite good at. Channel 7 sportscaster Nick Filipowski reacted in the same way.

Here is what happened:

Gilmore was referring to the rare national exposure the Bills received over his five seasons. He was just stating an obvious fact. If it was a jab, it wasn't much of one. A mediocre or bad team in the NFL's second or third smallest TV market (it depends on whether you include Milwaukee in Green Bay's market) rarely gets national games.

Javad and Filipowski responded by showing several poor plays by Gilmore over the five years to show what Gilmore's "people" had missed.

It was amusing, especially to the large anti-Gilmore crowd who felt he never lived up to expectations as a No. 1 draft choice.

It also was very unfair. Cornerbacks get beat and miss tackles, quarterbacks throw interceptions and offensive linemen give up sacks. It would be easy to compile bad plays by any of them.

Of course, fairness wasn't the point. Javad and Filipowski were just having fun by appealing to sensitive Bills fans who over-react to every perceived slight.

Laugh if you will. But I imagine many people nationally are laughing at Buffalo fans for being so sensitive.

Gilmore has 65 million reasons to laugh. A free agent, he signed a five-year, $65 million contract with the Patriots that reportedly has $40 million guaranteed. Pats Coach Bill Belichick obviously could overlook the occasional poor plays highlighted by Javad and Filipowski and concentrate on Gilmore's overall performance.


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