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As Cuomo's poll numbers slide again, his fundraising soars

ALBANY – A new poll out Tuesday morning backs up one released last week: Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s standing among New York voters is heading downward – at the same time numbers released Monday depict his fundraising activities are blazing.

The new Siena College poll shows the Democratic governor's favorabilty rating dropping a net 19 points from May. The poll also found fewer than than half of voters now say they plan to vote for Cuomo if he runs for a third term next year.

The governor took a special hit among New York City voters, whose backing is crucial if he is to run again in 2018. Many commuters are tagging Cuomo for the increasing number of problems hitting the subway system he oversees.

Statewide, 46 percent say they are prepared to re-elect Cuomo next year, while 46 percent prefer “someone else.’’ In May, 53 percent backed Cuomo and “someone else” got 36 percent.

The poll also found 52 percent of New Yorkers have a favorable view of Cuomo while 41 percent have an unfavorable one. In May, 61 percent gave him a positive rating and 31 percent said they had a negative view of him.

Poll: New Yorkers dislike idea of a 'President Cuomo'

The poll of 793 registered voters was taken July 9-13 and has a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

If his poll numbers prove troublesome, Cuomo’s campaign finances are soaring. The governor has amassed a bank account balance of $25.7 million, thanks to a hefty round of fundraising the past six months, according to a new filing submitted to the state elections board Monday.

Cuomo reported raising a total of $5.1 million since mid-January. That is up from $4 million during the first six months of last year. Since mid-January this year, his campaign spent $1.4 million.

Cuomo’s campaign did not comment on his financial performance.

But Ed Cox, the chairman of the state Republican Party, was unimpressed with Cuomo's campaign money haul.

Cuomo talks more and more like a president, or at least a candidate

"Is that all $8 billion in taxpayer subsidies to special interests bought him this cycle? The Governor's pay-to-play schemes may be padding his war chest, but no amount of money can cover up his record of failures or save him from being defeated in 2018,'' Cox said of recent estimates by Gannett's USA Today Network on annual state funding and tax breaks for various economic development programs.

The Siena numbers show similar trends as found in a poll released last week by Quinnipiac University.  That poll also found that 56 percent of registered voters in New York do not believe Cuomo would make a good president.

In the Siena poll, 55 percent do not approve of the job Cuomo is doing as governor.

Cuomo could not even catch a break for his recent push with lawmakers to re-name the Tappan Zee Bridge for his late father, Gov. Mario Cuomo. The elder Cuomo, when he was in office, named the bridge that crosses the Hudson River between Rockland and Westchester counties to honor former Gov. Malcolm Wilson. The existing bridge is being replaced by a new $4 billion bridge adjacent to it.

The Siena poll found that, by 47-37 percent, New Yorkers oppose the Cuomo bridge re-naming, which was done during a special session of the Legislature last month.

That is close to his lowest ever such showing – 42 percent – in May 2016.

Sixty-five percent of poll respondents also have a negative view of the state’s own fiscal condition. That number rises to 70 percent for respondents from upstate. A majority of New York City residents – 51 percent – say they would be prepared to re-elect Cuomo next year. Upstate, 52 percent said they prefer someone else and 42 percent said they support Cuomo for a third term. In the downstate suburbs, 49 percent indicated their support for someone else, with 42 percent backing Cuomo.

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