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Letter: Trump has had chances, but he has blown them all

Trump has had chances, but he has blown them all

In Everybody’s Column, letter writers have pleaded to “give Trump a chance.” What they don’t realize is that Trump already has his chance and he’s blowing it. He’s the president but he’s still acting like a reality TV star with the Twitter feuds. He is still trying to entertain rather than govern. If he wanted people fawning over him he should have stayed in his boardroom where his employees could tell him how awesome he is on a regular basis.

With a little knowledge of history he would have known presidents always get grief: from the opposing party, media and citizens, both of renown and the Average Joe.

George Washington had the Whiskey Rebellion. And there was the famous cartoon from his presidency of him riding a donkey to Washington as, “An ass riding an ass to Washington.”

That’s the problem with businessmen in public office. They think the job makes them the big boss. It doesn’t, it makes them an employee of America. Trump’s forgotten that.

Larry Schultz


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