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Letter: Fruit Belt will improve because of union, coalition

Fruit Belt will improve because of union, coalition

I have been a resident of the Fruit Belt neighborhood since 1994. This is an aging community, with the average age of residents being over 60. Most residents are living on a fixed income.

Like many houses in Buffalo our homes were built in the 1800s, which you can expect over time need to be remodeled. A lot of us do not have the money to do repairs on our homes.

There is a lot of uncertainty for residents in the Fruit Belt. We’re unsure if we will be able to afford to live here in the future. I want to see this community thrive but not at the expense of the longtime residents.

I had the pleasure of being introduced to John Mudie, president of the Buffalo AFL-CIO Central Labor Council, through the Coalition for Economic Justice. Mr. Mudie worked with community members to compile a list of repairs needed in their homes. I needed windows to be repaired and Mr. Mudie came to meet with me and measure the window and check lighting fixtures. Within a couple of weeks my custom window will be delivered and they will install it. It’s good to know that the unions see the importance of helping the community.

My home is only one of many in this community that needs renovations. There are many challenges that residents face and we need more support from organizations and the community to improve conditions for the residents.

I am grateful to the Buffalo AFL-CIO Central Labor Council and the Coalition for Economic Justice for their support and commitment to the Fruit Belt.

Eddie Mae Harris


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