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Letter: Demolishing historic properties only lines the pockets of the rich

Demolishing historic properties only lines the pockets of the rich

I am writing to lend a voice to the overwhelming support in favor of stopping the demolition of the 12 historic properties that define the Elmwood Village, slated for demolition on the corner of Elmwood and Forest avenues. The proposed project Chason Affinity is trying to build and pass with a city that is turning a deaf ear to the newly passed Green Code is a hazardous move forward.

I live one house from this site and witness the constant daily and nightly activities of a major ambulance and fire truck route, on both streets. Elmwood Avenue, a two-lane city street, is already at capacity for flow and adding the 90-plus cars an hour to this intersection that this proposed structure would bring is a disaster in the making.

I also am appalled at Councilman Joel Feroletto, who has pretended to represent the neighborhood, its character and its residents but has sided with the mayor and the developers and, not surprisingly, the residents of Penhurst Park.

These residents, who he said are almost unanimously in favor of the development plan, are not even a part of Elmwood Village. He ignores the 1,000-plus signatures of the actual residents of the Elmwood Village.

I understand money talks, but no one at City Hall is listening to the inappropriateness of this project. The number of variances required in order for this project to pass under the Green Code is astounding and speaks volumes as to how this project is being pushed at all costs to the taxpayers for the personal profit of the developers and the recipients of their money.

Lory Pollina


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