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Letter: Cuomo is really hypocritical when it comes to firearms

Cuomo is really hypocritical when it comes to firearms

This letter is in regards to Rep. Chris Collins’ announcement that he will carry a concealed personal firearm while traveling throughout his New York State congressional district.

Our illustrious governor, Andrew “SAFE Act” Cuomo, lambasting this reckless decision, stated, apparently in all seriousness: “It should concern everyone. No, the answer isn’t carrying a gun.”

There seems to be some confusion here. Perhaps The News could file a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the total number of taxpayer-financed officials who, when accompanying the governor everywhere, are carrying “unnecessary” personal protection firearms, concealed or otherwise. I’m betting the total is much more than zero.

I guess when it comes to his protection, Cuomo believes carrying guns is the answer.

Ron Antholzner Sr.


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