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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk’s office for the week ending March 31, 2017.

• 310 South First St., Teddy L. Ackley Jr. to Cathy Vail, $249,900.
• 1116 Escarpment Drive, Stephen J. Witkowski; Thomas S. Witkowski to Ian Christopher Tone; Nicole Tone, $180,000.
• 959 James Drive, Caliber Real Estate Services -Att; Lsf8 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA -Tr /att to Ted Ackley, $151,450.
• 495 No 5th St., James Thomas; Tana Thomas to Anthony J. Dibacco, $151,000.
• 730 The Circle Drive, Joyce E. Sirianni to Barbara L. Bolen, $138,000.
• 2835 Niagara St., Carol A. Slipko to Michael W. Filler, $120,000.
• 2388 Saunders Settlement Road, Fannie Mae /att; Shapiro Dicaro & Barak -Att to Jordan Izzo; Rachel Robel, $99,750.
• 215 North 6th St., Yehuda Sadeh to Carrie Murray; Peter Murray, $55,000.

• Desales Circle, Elizabeth A. Santini; Joseph Santini Jr. to Daniel F. Roggow; Kristen S. Roggow, $162,000.
• Massachusetts Ave., Daniel R. Curry to Jeanne Shemilt Krent, $128,000.
• Rochester St., Daniel F. Roggow to Philip M. Stevens, $76,500.
• 251 Grand St., Shari L. Singleton to Citimortgage, $75,354.
• 307 Green St., Jason Fleming to Robert M. Reydners, $56,200.
• 27 Adam St., Janine Sattler; Russell Sattler to Fannie Mae, $45,868.
• 52 Harvey Ave., James Defranco; Double Eagle Ventures /att to Larissa R. Buzak, $41,500.
• South St., Deborah Foltz; Deborah A. Zerby to Margaret M. Stoll; Ryan Thomas, $40,000.
• 166 Michigan St., Mtglq Investors /att; New Penn Financial -Att; Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing -Att to Jacob Roselund, $10,400.

• Creek Hollow, David C. Douglas; Deborah A. Walker-Dewitt; Deborah A. Walker-Douglas to Joseph T. Dilorenzo; Linda J. Dilorenzo, $299,900.
• Crosby Road, Alberta A. Odrzywolski; Bob L. Odrzywolski to Joseph R. Johnson, $248,000.
• 5212 A Magnolia Drive, Barton G. Smith; Florence T. Smith to Joann M. Wilson, $160,000.

• 26 Vernon St., Deborah M. Lafountain; Linda L. Miller-Lafountain to Gale Rutherford, $15,000.

• 2786 Maple Ave., Wells Fargo Bank NA -Att; Wells Fargo Financial Credit Serv NY /att to Rvfm 13 Series, $8,755.

• 7220 Porter Road, George L. Churakos; Vicki Wlock to Recovery Property Management, $400,000.
• 8925 Champlain Ave., Patrick Guard to Sarah Kostuk, $135,000.
• 3907 Mckoon Ave., Albert C. Zaepfel; Patricia A. Zaepfel to Lovell King, $124,000.
• 447 79th St., Alexis Knight to First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-2; US Bank National Assoc -Tr, $123,692.
• Parkview Drive, Zander Properties to Daniel J. Shanahan, $105,000.
• Frontier Ave., Nicholas R. Demonte to Gary D. Robins, $100,000.
• 74th St., James Fernandez; Lisa Stroehlein to Christopher Sandonato, $80,000.
• 79th St., Jimmie Joaquin; Nicole Joaquin to Leo Mark Robert Jr, $72,164.
• Jerauld Ave., Richard J. Cadille to Gina E. Mountain, $70,000.
• Linwood Ave., Rachel Crisafulli; Rachel Jeckovich; Rachel Crisafulli Jeckovich to Jasmine M. Dolson; Tara L. Rodwell, $63,600.
• Hyde Park Boulevard, Anthony Soluri; Rosemary Soluri to Christopher P. Soda, $63,020.
• Livingston Ave., Bryon Sherriff; Bryon S. Sherriff to John H. Mosley, $60,000.
• 526 21st St., Nickole A. Stephenson to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $48,080.
• Mckoon Ave., Jonathan B. Tahara to Christina M. Caputo; Terrance Caputo, $47,900.
• 4527 Creekside Parkway, Secretary of U S Department of Housing And Urban Devel to E & R Horizons, $44,000.
• Welch Ave., Anthony Galioto to Home Collection & Design, $36,000.
• 423 Elmwood Ave., Qq Property Management to Bashkim Lekaj, $35,000.
• Lasalle Ave., David J. Cecere; David John Cecere to Katherine Oberding, $32,500.
• 3306 Ely Ave., Universal Turnkey Properties Corp to Pinchas Glanz; Rachel Glanz, $32,500.
• 2469 Woodlawn Ave., M & T Bank to Kc Erie Niagara Properties, $30,500.
• 538 22nd St., Fallsconnection Holdings to Chandana Samararatne, $30,000.
• Hyde Park Boulevard, Leokadia Baltun; Patricia Bax; Michael A. Gold to Yujun Huang, $30,000.
• Ferry Ave., Lr Capital Ventures to Home Collection And Design, $28,000.
• 1915 22nd St., Gary J. Montie to E & R Horizons, $28,000.
• 1917 22nd St., Gary J. Montie to E & R Horizons, $28,000.
• 3306 Ely Ave., Kweb Properties to Universal Turnkey Properties Corp, $27,500.
• 3544 Ferry Ave., HSBC Bank USA NA /att; Phh Mortgage Corp -Att to Ashley M. Burns; Kenneth D. Burns III, $20,900.
• 462,460,446,432,428 4th St., City of Niagara Falls New York to 9274 Group, $17,500.
• 447 79th St., First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-2 /att; Nationstar Mortgage -Att; US Bank National Assoc -Tr /att to Alexander Arutunian, $16,500.

• Dale Drive, Danil Tsygyrlash to Gabriel A. Russell; Jeffrey W. Russell, $202,000.
• 12th Ave., Janet Heffernan to Megan A. Burkett; Maxwell J. Jackson, $130,000.
• Wall St., Jesse Hughey to Brian Roy; Michelle Roy, $128,800.
• 51 Klaum Ave., Jane W. Foster to Jason Kozlowski, $121,900.
• Fredericka Ave., Ralph H. Dollinger III to Elizabeth G. Holmes; Sterling J. Marceau, $121,700.
• 540 Gilmore Ave., Kathryn A. Cheehan to HSBC Bank USA National Assoc -Tr; Mastr Reperforming Loan Trust 2006-2, $74,000.
• 1353 Master St., City of North Tonawanda to Steven J. Dominski, $60,000.
• 211 Goundry St., Fannie Mae /att; Shapiro Dicaro & Barak -Att to Joseph Lovullo, $54,000.
• 342 Oliver St., City of North Tonawanda to Marie Bolonzl, $40,000.
• 266 Vandervoort St., Citizens Bank NA to Wolcott Development, $37,000.
• 287 Oliver St., Benjamin J. Pasiak to Timothy Joyner, $35,000.
• 640 Christiana St., Jason N. Campbell; Laura B. Gratteri; Laura B. Priester to Laura B. Gratteri, $21,580.
• 55 Ganson St., City of North Tonawanda to Joshua P. Quant, $17,500.

• Paddock Ridge, Majestic Woods Development to Florence E. Mcnerney; Francis Pleto III; Freda Pleto, $445,000.
• Creekbend Drive, Majestic Woods Development to Josephine Fitzner; Mark J. Fitzner, $425,000.
• Killian Road, Anthony P. Scarpelli; Mary Grace Scarpelli to Joseph G. Smith, $242,000.
• Dublin Lane, Campbell Pendleton to Ryan Homes of New York, $65,158.
• Dublin Lane, Campbell Pendleton to Ryan Homes of New York, $65,158.
• Devonshire Lane, Campbell Pendleton to Ryan Homes of New York, $65,158.
• Dublin Lane, Campbell Pendleton to Ryan Homes of New York, $65,158.

Main St., Angelo Ashker to Rebecca Poletti, $245,000.
• Dansworth Road, Andrew L. Labarber; Joy Labarber to Derek Wesley; Michelle Wesley, $210,000.
• 3rd St., Damon A. Decastro to Arthur R. Winslow; Dolores B. Winslow, $10,000.

• Somerset Drive, John L. Martin to Heinz Diehl, $142,000.

• Liberty Drive, James R. Page; Patricia A. Page to Empire Pipeline, $560,000.
• Forest Glen, Gmd Development to Kelly Bucci; Robert Bucci, $342,900.

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