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Letter: We need to remember what makes U.S. great

We need to remember what makes U.S. great

As the Fourth of July approached this year, I gained some insights into the country of my birth. If you follow what is going on in our country today, and I do, we hear from our leaders: America is not great; think only about No. 1; profit first; and your race or religion determines if you are a “bad guy.”

My experiences in the past few days stand as a reminder that America is great, people are people, there are good and bad, no matter what race or religion. It confirmed why my immigrant grandparents and great-grandparents came to this country for freedom and the right to determine their loves in safety.

Last week, my 87-year-old mother and I went to pick cherries. We experienced other families speaking various languages and many traditions doing the same thing and enjoying the beautiful day. While I was hunting out the last of the cherries, I heard my mother’s voice. She started a conversation with a man and we got introduced to his family. Although of different faiths, we found common ground.

Then I read a column in this paper about our American values and the need to hold on to them. When I went to Mass, our parochial vicar, who is from India, gave us his impressions of our country filled with words of hope and awe.

May we remember that we are great when we are tolerant, we care and reach out.

Marie Sajsa


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