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Letter: Thruway and Youngmann do run north-south at times

Thruway and Youngmann do run north-south at times

The July 7 letter, “DOT retiree should know roads cited run east-west,” was another example of a citizen who states that his common sense is a better indicator of truth than a so-called expert. The letter writer believes that the DOT employee is not intelligent enough to realize the “true” direction of the east-west Thruway and the Youngmann Expressway.

Many persons hold this similar philosophy: Government employees are ignorant of common knowledge, doubting their expertise is justified and they do not deserve their taxpayer-funded salary.

Had the writer made the slightest effort to consult a map, he would immediately see that the I-90/I-290 split does run exactly north and south. Despite its designation as an east-west route, the entire Thruway runs due north-south in much of Erie County. The retired DOT employee’s statement is completely vindicated.

Martin Besant

East Aurora

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