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Letter: Removing overpass will hurt traffic flow

Removing overpass will hurt traffic flow

In April, The News reported on the Thruway Authority’s plan to rework exit 57 at Camp Road in Hamburg. The plan is to remove the overpass and put in a road-level intersection with a new traffic light. The authority’s announcement says this will “improve traffic flow.”

I had to read it twice, because as I drive down the already congested Camp Road, it seems to me that an additional traffic light will do anything but improve traffic flow. Currently the Thruway traffic merges with Camp in both directions, at speed, seamlessly. Compare that with Milestrip (exit 56), where traffic gets backed up in both directions at rush hour, to South Park and up the hill to Home Depot. I don’t know what the underlying reasons are for removal of the existing overpass, but it most certainly will not improve traffic flow. If the overpass is removed, we can all look forward to backed-up traffic in both directions at exit 57.

Jim Willett


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