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Letter: Cool heads must prevail regarding North Korea

Cool heads must prevail regarding North Korea

I don’t think we need to worry about North Korea attacking us here in the good ol’ USA. The current situation, as we are led to believe by what is coming out of Washington, is that we’re in danger because North Korea is toying with atom bomb technology and shooting off ICBM missiles with a range that can reach Alaska.

First off, if Korea were to launch an act of aggression against us by shooting any kind of missile and striking Alaska or any other of our territories, it would be considered an act of war. Let’s be real; as we know, one does not start a war unless one believes it can win it. Winning a war is intended to result in the conquering of territory and the command and takeover of people and all resources in the newly acquired nation.

North Korean officials may be dumb, but they are not stupid. They are just very clever with the mind games they are playing with our Washington leaders. And they are winning that clever game. They want us to review, relax and adjust the trade sanctions. North Korea knows that an act of war would result in its total destruction.

Washington leaders should contain their excitement, lay the cards on the table regarding sanctions, sit back, try to relax a little bit and pay attention to what North Korea is trying to do or say with its actions.

We should not provoke it by flying our bombers near its territories, as we have been doing. It’s like teasing the growling dog, which might break its chain and bite. That would cause an injury, taking time to heal. North Korea might claim that we strayed into its territory and shoot down one of our so-called air samplers. We could lose a bomber and crew, which would be an injury that would never heal. Washington is not showing good common sense.

Ron Ogren

Orchard Park

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