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Letter: Children’s Psychiatric Center should stay in West Seneca

Children’s Psychiatric Center should stay in West Seneca

Prior to the New York State legislative summer break, both the Senate and Assembly passed bills unanimously to keep the Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center in West Seneca, where it has served children in need of mental health care successfully for over 40 years. Unfortunately, the Legislature’s noble efforts have not stopped Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Office of Mental Health from moving forward with a plan to close the center and move it to Buffalo Psychiatric Center, where children would share a residential treatment building with adult mental health patients, substance abusers and addicts.

This bipartisan legislative effort unanimously opposes the move of this facility. No clinical research supports the merits of the move. If every state body is against this move, why does the governor not listen to the will of his constituents?

Cuomo visits Western New York often, yet to my knowledge he has never taken the time to walk through the facility that he wishes to close. Come see what you’re closing, governor. Readers, here is the chance to let democracy work for you. Tell Cuomo that the Children’s Psychiatric Center is worth keeping in West Seneca. The environment for children’s treatment matters. Children’s mental health matters. Don’t let this award-winning facility close. Don’t let the governor alone decide what is best for New York. Cuomo should sign the bill to keep the center in West Seneca.

Jennifer Inman


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