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Letter: Big Pharma ads push price of drugs higher

Big Pharma ads push price of drugs higher

A recent News article from the People’s Pharmacy, titled “Big Pharma ratcheting up advertising hype,” reported that last year it was estimated the pharmaceutical industry spent over $6 billion in direct-to-consumer advertising.

For many years, I have been enraged by the amount of money the pharmaceutical companies spend on advertising. It seems to me that the money they put into the production and placement of these elaborate advertising campaigns would be better spent if it was redirected toward our health care system. It is the responsibility of our doctors, not Big Pharma, to diagnose and treat patients. They, not pharmaceutical companies, should be recommending prescription medication.

With all the talk about funding health care in this country, it seems to me that banning prescription drug advertising and requiring the pharmaceutical companies to put even a portion of that money into a national health care system would be beneficial to all.

Ellen Levine


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