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Fish & Wildlife Service will conduct sea lamprey survey in WNY waters

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service survey crews will take to the upper Niagara River, lower Buffalo River and Cattaraugus Creek later this month to estimate the numbers of invasive sea lamprey in those waters, the federal agency reported today.

The survey will be done between July 25 and Aug. 3.

"The information gathered will be used to determine the need for sea lamprey control," according to a statement by the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Controlling sea lampreys in area waters is done using lampricides, which target and eliminate the lamprey larvae in the water.

Adult sea lamprey are parasitic, eel-like creatures that have a "suction cup" mouth and rows of small teeth that attach to the sides of fish.

Authorities at Fish and Wildlife said lamprey feed on the blood and body fluids of fish. That often results in disease or mortal injuries to the fish.

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