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'Big Brother' blog: The Cody seesaw, plus toads

One of the guiltiest of summer TV's guilty pleasures is the latest season of "Big Brother" on CBS. The show, in which a group of strangers live together in a home under constant surveillance and compete with each other for a chance to win $500,000, has a local twist this year: Mark Jansen of Grand Island is one of the houseguests. This blog will keep readers up to date periodically throughout the summer and track Jansen's prospects for the big payday.

The upshot: It was another week of surprises.

Paul, already safe from eviction, won the Head of Household competition, solidifying his plan to get rid of Cody. Cody’s departure was a foregone conclusion for the entire episode Thursday, but viewers learned early on that he could find his way back.

The Den of Temptation returned this week, with American voting for the hobbled-Christmas – she injured her foot last week – to go in. Her temptation was the “Ring of Replacement,” which allows her to play in the veto competition of her choice during the season. She will replace one of the housemates chosen by random draw in that week’s veto competition.

Christmas could decide to keep this temptation a secret until she decides to use this. But every temptation comes with a consequence for her housemates: After choosing the voodoo dolls of three of her housemates to be cursed, Jason, Jessica and Cody become “ve-toad.” This consequence forces them to dress in a frog costume, hop everywhere they travel and stand in designated green circles throughout the house for an entire week.

This week’s “Power of Veto” competition was called “Trip Around the World,” in which six participants competed to answer questions about pictures they were asked to study and finish with the fastest time. Paul won, sealing Cody’s fate and he was indeed evicted with seven votes.

But his departure might not last; in the post-eviction interview, host Julie Chen informed him that he would have a chance to return through an unspecified event to come which will feature other evictees.

Mark Watch: Mark continues to play a safe game and seems to have a strong alliance in the house. Mark turned to Paul, clearly the leader in the house so far, for reassurance and proved his loyalty by helping him in the competition that gave Paul power this week.

What’s next: With the power up for grabs, Paul is not eligible to compete in Space Cadets, which was the competition that began at the end of Thursday’s episode. The episode ended with the housemates – minus Paul – standing on a wall that is tilting forward while cold water was being sprayed at them. The object of the game, according to Chen is simple: “Hang on for dear life.” Upper body strength looks to be important for this competition. That could be good news for Mark, who is a personal trainer.

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