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Letter: Time is running out for Central Terminal

Time is running out for Central Terminal

As a longtime advocate and former board member of the Central Terminal Restoration Corp., I am extremely disappointed by the recent study and the position the local media have adopted. If you buy into the logic that the neighborhood needs to develop first, you totally ignore the deterioration of the Central Terminal itself.

There was a study commissioned by the board over five years ago that indicated that to stabilize the tower brickwork then would cost over $4 million. While working to reopen the concourse to events that raise only thousands of dollars, the current board has ignored this ongoing deterioration.

The study and the CTRC board have also totally ignored the development plans from the Stinson Group with no apparent near term alternative. Why does the board not hold public meetings and why hasn’t it explained its decision to reject this development plan?

You only have to look at Larkinville to realize that a vibrant neighborhood can follow investment in a core infrastructure. Having visited the Cincinnati Union Terminal and seen firsthand why this complex outdraws the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and could be a blueprint that could be adopted for the Central Terminal’s concourse.

Buffalo’s Central Terminal does not have five years to wait for the city and state to finally pay attention. Let’s use the Stinson proposal to start this rebirth. If structured properly, failure to perform can be worded to avoid disruption of building restoration and return control to what should be a professional CTRC board.

Whether this plan is viable or not, doing nothing and waiting for the rebirth of the neighborhood will, in my humble opinion, only be the last chapter for this supposedly treasured landmark.

Hank Olejniczak


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